Casket Robbery Self Titled

by Casket Robbery

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2011 Self Titled EP
5 Tracks:
1. Everyone Dies(Sharon Tate)
2. Gary Busey The Transcendent One
3. Vanquish The Veil
4. I Did Coke With Billy Mays
5. Killer Clown (Available only with full Digital Album download)


released July 12, 2011

Music by Cory Scheider and Dustin Foesch


all rights reserved



Casket Robbery Madison, Wisconsin

Pulse pounding, unrelenting, heavy, and brutally catchy

If you don't find yourself moving to this you should at least feel dirty for listening.  The undeniable grooves and hooks coupled with conceptual, vocal brutality make Casket Robbery the next level force of death metal insanity.  Take a deep breath.  Your unrelenting nightmare has just begun. ... more


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Track Name: Everyone Dies (Sharon Tate)
kill the lights and cut the power
you're mine now you fucking whore
tie you up and slit your throat
move on now there's more to kill

Satan runs the show tonight
cut you up cause it feels right
your warm blood runs through my fingers
oh the smell it really lingers

eat your flesh and kill your bone
i take you down the hole

i will take you eat your soul
i will end your fucking whole

hear the screams
hear the cries
guess what bitch
everyone dies
Track Name: Gary Busey The Transcendent One
you're a man within your mind
your planet is not one as mine
the stars aligned when you were born
someday you'll sit on your throne

Gary Busey

you're a man within your mind
your planet is not one as mine
the stars aligned when you were born
someday you'll sit on your throne

trapped inside
your warped mind
time has come
your final role
Track Name: Vanquish The Veil
suffer you who holds the truth
the one who fights the dark
end your life!
evils come to find the one who is upon the light
vanquishing the ones who do not serve the night

angels fall
one by one
blood spills out of righteous ones
ones who feel they speak the truth can not
spread their wings

end your life

apocalypse falls on righteous skies
blessed by the eyes of Satan
suffer you who wears the veil
die from the sward of the wicked

the final conquest
no life's spared
rivers run red with hate

seek out the ones who profit from faith
the ones who claim the weak

ones who sit on mountains so high
soon be falling from the sky
the blood will spill
the bodies will decay
Track Name: I Did Coke With Billy Mays
Billy Mays you fucking joke
snort another line of coke
sell me all your fucking shit
burn with me in the pit

your last pitch in hell
burning flesh you'll smell
your last pitch in hell

i did coke with Billy Mays
got me in a fucked up haze
one line, two lines, three lines, four

Billy Mays you gypsy man
all your crap's made in japan


Mighty Putty's really cool
used it to fix a fucking stool
used that crap to pull a boat
holy shit it fucking works

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